Adventure Pigs Top 10 Sri Lanka

1. Surfing

We surfed the South cost during November, but pick your resort depending on the season. We were based near Weligama Bay at Sion Surf Camp and were total beginners! The water is so warm and it’s a lot like snowboarding so we’ve got the bug.


2. Wildlife

There are so many animals big and small to see if Sri Lanka. Please make sure you only visit responsible sarafi parks and sancturies. The national parks definitely need stricter guidelines. I felt we got too close to the wild elephants in Minneriya, and in Yala, all of the jeeps were trying to hunt down a leopard which had been spotted. The Sri Lankans are only trying to please us tourists but it shouldn’t be this way.


You’ll also spot the Tocqu Macaque or the larger Grey Langur monkey at temples.IMG_0249.JPG

As for elephant sanctuaries, there is only one Born Free approved elephant sanctuary which is the Elephant Transit Home in Udawalawe. All the other ‘sancturies’ are definitely not that!IMG_0270.JPG

3. Kithulgala Canyoning/Abseiling/Rafting

Kithulgala, although out of the way and there isn’t anything else going on there, it’s the only place in Sri Lanka where you can *try* and seek that adrenaline rush inland.GOPR0041.JPGPB200052.JPG

4. Whale and Dolphin Watching

There is the opportunity to see the largest mammal on earth, the Blue Whale. We didn’t manage to see one but did see lots of Dolphins and Pilot Whales. We booked the trip a couple of days in advance with Raja and the Whales – make sure you use an responsible company! Just check the best time of year for sightings.img_0720

5. Wake Boarding

We unfortunately didn’t find out about the wake boarding until it was too late to book.  We heard good things about Spunky Monkey wakeboard camp in Hikkaduwa, and they also have one in Negombo.

6. Kite Surfing

We also didn’t get to try kitesurfing as the location was too far away to fit into our itinerary. We wish we had headed to Kalpitiya as they have lots of waterspouts there.

7. Sigiriya ‘Lions Rock’

If you’re looking for historic sites, head to the Cultural Triangle. Lions Rock, although very busy  and a tourist trap, once you reach the top the views are amazing. Sigiriya is also a great base to visit Dambulla, Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura.IMG_0435.JPG

 8. Galle

Galle is only a short distance away from Weligama. It’s a great day trip to visit the fort, and the beach reach of Hikkaduwa is not too far away.

9. Snorkelling/Diving

Choose the best spot depending on the season, but there are so many opportunities to see lots of colourful fish and even turtles. Speaking of turtles, there are a lot of turtle sanctuaries that are again tourist traps and are not responsible.

10. Your choice

There are so many places to go in Sri Lanka, and it very much depends on the season so you’ll have to pick where to go carefully, but definitely make sure you get to appreciate the landscape and wildlife.


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