Tokyo Guide

Once you have experienced the infamous ‘JaPow’, it’s time to immerse yourself in Japanese culture. There are countless things to see and do in Tokyo, which is where we stopped for 3 nights after Niseko. Incredible food, history, unique customs and bustling streets. The highlights included the infamous robot show, a night of Karaoke and a meal at the ‘Kill Bill’ restaurant.


There are two airports in Tokyo, Narita and Haneda. Narita is the larger but is about two hours drive from Tokyo. There are shuttle buses, but it’s so easy to get the train into the city. Just look up where you need to go beforehand so you can get your train ticket when you leave the airport.

Haneda is a one hour trip by bus to the centre of Tokyo. We used Limousine Bus which has a pick up/drop off point at the Sunroute Plaza hotel.

Where to stay

We stayed at the centrally located Sunroute Plaza in Shinjuku, just two minutes from the world’s busiest train station. Shinjuku is a perfect base for exploring Tokyo with lots of restaurants, bars and shops within walking distance.

The must visit area Kabukicho is close by – full of bars, karaoke, the red light district and bright lights. You can also visit the Golden Gai and Omide Yokocho areas, all over-looked by the skyscraper district.

Getting around

Getting around Tokyo is super easy. Tokyo is massive so you won’t get everywhere by foot. Just jump on the train at Shinjuku, with all lines colour coded and English signs it really is just like our tube, but cleaner.

You can always take a taxi on occasion and the prices seem cheaper than London.

If you want to get further afield, travelling by train is the way to go. With super fast and reliable trains, you really don’t need a car. How about 24 hours in Kyoto by bullet train if you have another day to spare..?

What to do

Check out our 3 days in Tokyo guide.

Highlights include:

  • Shibuya crossing
  • Robot restaurant
  • Karaoke


So many options, almost too many…

There is a to-die-for bakery in Shinjuku station to grab breakfast.

Lunch is normally on the go so check out the side alleys for more authentic food wherever you happen to be.

As for dinner, it’s worth booking a day or so in advance if you want to try out the hot spots.

See our Vegan Food guide here.

And don’t forget to hunt down one of the famous tiny sushi bars.


The Sunroute Plaza hotel is perfectly located to walk to plenty of bars in the Shinjuku district, home to Kabukicho, full of bars, karaoke, the red light district and more bright lights.

Karaoke is a must and there are so many places to go nearby. They are multi storey joints with hundreds of private booths. Just turn up, book a room and buzz down for drinks brought to your booth, although his can be dangerous…but the prices weren’t as bad as we thought!

Also check out Roppongi, full of bars and nightclubs.

Finally, no trip to Tokyo is complete without visiting the Robot Restaurant (don’t eat there, just go for the show).


The shopping centres are generally located above the train stations. Shinjuku station has a massive centre with numerous fashion boutiques and home shops. The Japense fashion shops are so unique.

Omotesando in Harajuku has all the designer shops, but also the largest souvenir shop, Oriental Bazaar.


You can get be very easily speaking English in Japan, but it’s still nice to learn Hello, Thank You etc.


Just like any capital city, the prices are a bit higher but no more so than London.




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