Top 10 Extreme Activities Nepal

Nepal has got to be one of the best countries for extreme sports. In the air, on land and in water, you can try it all. You need a good level of fitness but no prior experience except for the mountain biking and motorcycling.

Get ready for an action packed, extreme adventure in a truly breathtaking country. This is what we call an adrenaline packed holiday.

  1. Worlds highest canyon swingnatasha-jason-3

  2. 7th highest bungy jump natasha-3

  3. Downhill mountain bikingIMG_6211.JPG

  4. White water raftingimg_5959

  5. Kayakingimg_5966

  6. CanyoningIMG_6471.JPG

  7. Paraglidingimg_6506

  8. MotorbikingIMG_6143.JPG

  9. Trekkingimg_6440

  10. Internal flightP1000831.JPG


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