Nepal Extreme

The most action packed, adrenaline fuelled 17 days in the mighty Nepal as you can handle. You’ll need another holiday to get over this one.

Our Nepal Extreme holiday was booked through Lost Earth Adventures – we couldn’t have come up with a better itinerary ourselves.

Day 1

Arrive in Kathmandu and head straight to your accommodation in Thamel. Bustling narrow streets with a loads of shops, restaurants and bars – just as you had imagined!P1010121.JPG

Day 2

A cultural day in Kathmandu (after a boozy first night in the capital) visiting the Monkey Temple, Pashupatinath and the Boudhanath Stupa (with a guide in private transport) before lunch followed by a walk to Durbar Square in the afternoon.P1000662.JPG

Pack your bags for 4 nights away.

Day 3

Early morning transfer (3 hours) to The Last Resort only 12km from the Tibetan border. The journey takes your through the Langtang valley severely impacted by the 2015 earthquake.


After a quick change, first up is waterfall abseiling. IMG_6470.JPG

Day 4

One, Two, Three….Jump! The worlds highest Canyon Swing and 7th highest Bungy Jump.Natasha, Jason (3).JPGNatasha  (3).JPG

Travel back down to Sukete Beach for 3 nights.

Day 5

White water rafting on the Bhote Khosi Grade 4 rapids.IMG_5959.JPG

In the afternoon we learnt basic kayaking techniques in the pool (instructor shown!)IMG_5939.JPG

Day 6

Another morning of kayaking techniques in the pool and river, followed by a 6km journey downstream in the afternoon. We only managed 14 capsizes all day between 8 of us!IMG_5966.JPG

The campsite at Sukete Beach was amazing.P1000760.JPG

Day 7

Travel back to Kathmandu (2.5 hours). We visited the ancient city of Patan but I wouldn’t bother with this as it takes so long in the crazy Kathmandu traffic (plus it’s very similar to the main Durbar square). Instead have a chilled afternoon on a roof terrace and check out your moutain bikes for the next part of the trip.P1000771.JPG

Day 8

Early morning journey to Pokhara with all our luggage and bikes in the bus. Depending on traffic, it can take between SIX or NINE hours! You can fly in 25 mins but flights can be cancelled due to weather.IMG_6063.JPG

One night in Pokhara. Pack for 3 nights away.

Day 9

Cycle, yes cycle to Pokhara airport before dawn, dismantle the bikes and head on a tiny aeroplane up to Jonsom at 2700m. P1000833.JPG

A further 2 hour jeep ride and your in Muktinath at 3800m. You can definitely feel the air is thinner up here.P1000851.JPG

We visited the Muktinath temple before getting an early night ready for 3 days of mountain biking.P1000858.JPG

Day 10

7am start. A hard climb (we had to walk parts) was a great way to wake us up…followed by very technical downhill for the first 2 hours, then another hour or so slowly descending along the dried up river/valley across rocks and boulders. Where’s a fat bike when you need one?!IMG_6440.JPGP1010021.JPG

Lunch at Jonsom, and a further 12km to our destination, with a quick pit stop in the quaint village of Marpha known for its apple brandy.IMG_6140.JPG

Day 11

Another 44km today. We hit it hard in the morning descending the Death Valley single track, then winding through villages and pine forests before crossing back over the river onto the very bumpy ‘road’. More downhill (with some uphills)  to Hyatung Falls for lunch and Nepals highest waterfall.

The Nepali version of a traffic jam.IMG_6200.JPG

The final 12km of the day to Tatipani. Late afternoon we headed to the natural hot springs where you can ease your sore muscles and relax with a beer.IMG_6205.JPGIMG_6232.JPG

Day 12

The final day mountain biking, downhill 25km to Beni on the ‘roads’. We stopped here for lunch, loaded up the bus with our bikes and headed back to Pokhara.IMG_6290.JPGIMG_6270.JPG

A well deserved night out in PokharaIMG_6327.jpg

Day 13

Paragliding in Pokhara. Need we say more.IMG_6506.PNGIMG_6369.JPG

Another night out in Pokhara.

Day 14

Our itinerary allowed for an optional day motobiking in Nepal. We didn’t bother with this as we’re beginners so there wasn’t much we could do.

Instead we drank beers by the lake after a morning massage.P1010116.JPG

Final night out in Pokhara.

Day 15

Travel back to Kathmandu (6 hours with good traffic) and a farewell afternoon/evening in Kathmandu.IMG_6443.JPG

Day 16

Fly home. Try and spot Everest! Sit on the right hand side of the plane (when facing forward).IMG_6544.JPG